Results for Hope Project Members mtDNA Tests
Individuals are identified by their Kit Number. Data are the SNP sites (number) and the change in the amino acid (by first letter of the name of each, C, G, T or A) at that site for each of the tested Hypervariable regions, HVR1 and HVR2 or the Coding Region.
Kit # Maternal Ancestory Name Haplogroup HVR1 Mutations HVR2 Mutations Coding Region Mutations
145529   H 16189C, 16356C, 16362C, 16519C 263G, 315.1C, 522-, 523-  
74184   H 16519C    
44669 Catherine Scott, b. abt 1775, Lanark, Scotland H8 16153A, 16288C, 16362C 114T, 146C, 152C, 195C, 210G, 263G, 309.1C, 315.1C 709A, 750G, 1438G, 4769G, 6119T, 8860G, 9114G, 13101C, 13711A, 15326G
51500 Unknown HV1 16067T, 16355T    
56047   J 16069T, 16126C, 16311C 73G, 185A, 228A, 263G, 295T, 315.1C, 462T, 489C  
N59622 William De St Maur, bc. 1120, Penhow, Wales K 16224C, 16311C, 16519C 73G, 195C, 263G, 315.1C, 497T, 523.1C, 523.2A  
147022   M1 16129A, 16182C, 16183C, 16189C, 16249C, 16311C, 16519C    
200327   N1b 16145A, 16176A, 16223T, 16390A, 16519C    
62288 Elizabeth Brenner, Boulder, CO U4a2b 16223T, 16356C, 16519C 73G, 195C, 263G, 310C, 499A, 523.1C, 523.2A Private
44710 Sarah W. Clark, b. 4 Apr 1815, New Jersey U5 16192T, 16270T, 16399G 73G, 263G, 315.1C  
N74501   V 16298C, 16526A    
44325 Margaret Stewart McIntosh 1874-1930 Edinburgh, Scotland W1 16223T, 16292T, 16519C 73G, 119C, 152C, 189G, 195C, 204C, 207A, 263G, 315.1C 709A, 750G, 1243C, 1438G, 2706G, 3505G, 4769G, 5046A, 5460A, 7028T, 7864T, 8251A, 8860G, 8994A, 11674T, 11719A, 11947G, 12414C, 12705T, 14766T, 15326G, 15884C