FTDNA Test Results and Data Comparisons


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Recent Developments


We have had four new participants join the Y-DNA project so far this year (2013). We now have 43 Hope males, with results from 42 reported, one with data unreported at this time, one (unofficial) who tested with another company and five non-Hope males now associated with the Hope project, for a total of forty-nine male participants. Eleven participants in one group, three participants in each of two groups and two participants in each of three additional groups have matched well enough to be sorted into clusters of individuals sharing a common ancestor. Finally, 14 Hope males and 5 non-Hope males are ungrouped with results on only one participant unreported.

We have fifteen participants in the mtDNA project, with all results reported.


We have had no new participants take the Family Finder Test this year (2013), for a total of six in the Family Finder group, with results reported on all.